The story about Confirm

Confirm is for everybody, of all tastes, and stands as a truly unique brand in the field of global fashion. Based in the Netherlands, just a few clicks of a mouse have enabled our products to reach all corners of the globe. We have revolutionised the fashion industry, and have no plans to stop.
 We are proud of our iconic clothing lines for men and women, based on the work of our dedicated, insightful and tireless design team. Our passion for quality and character is visible in every piece of clothing we produce, and it is our mission to let our hard work help you be the person you deserve to become.
 Our product line consists primarily in t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets, and accessories. Drawing together elements from the worlds of sport and fashion, our bold and iconic design strategy remains unmatched by other brands. We are pioneers, and step by step are changing the way the world looks.
 We strive for perfection and don’t settle for anything less. Our team works both day and night to ensure that only world class products are available in our name. Whatever your tastes, whatever the season, Confirm will have crafted a product destined to be yours.
 Shipping all over the world, we don’t let distance be a barrier to our work. We accept all major currencies and have a dedicated customer support team. Borders should not be a block to truly great fashion, and we do not intend to let them be such.
 Our website features all of our work, including both our newest and more seminal pieces. Confirm is making the world look better than ever before, and we would love to have you on board.

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